Celestia Portable

Celestia Portable 1.6.0

Real-time space exploration on your computer


  • Free
  • Excellent graphics
  • Doesn't require installation


  • Clunky controls: you can get lost very easily!

Very good

Unless you are a millionaire or an astronaut, space travel is probably out of reach. Luckily you can now bring it a little closer with Celestia Portable.

Celestia Portable is the standalone portable version of Celestia, a powerful real-time, 3D space simulator that lets you fexplore galaxies, checking out all the fascinating things they contain: planets, stars, asteroids, even space stations.

Celestia Portable includes loads of information about each element you may stumble upon during your space trips. Right-clicking an object displays a context menu with various options, while the toolbar on top of the interface lets you access some extra features like a solar system browser, a video recording utility and options to search for specific locations. On the downside, and though the controls in Celestia Portable are meant to be quite intuitive, the truth is that the program sometimes feels a bit jerky.

As you can see, the amount of information included in Celestia Portable requires some dedication. I guess this is one of those utilities that need the user to get seriously involved in order to make the most of it.

Celestia Portable is a complete and fascinating program for astronomy fans.

Celestia Portable


Celestia Portable 1.6.0

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